Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Tony Ianno's secret slush fund

Did you know that Tony Ianno controls a $260,000 trust fund of a type that has been called "one of the easiest ways that donors funnel secret money to MPs"?

"[in 2003] Parliament passed Bill C-24, a sweeping overhaul of Canada's political fundraising rules. Modeled after the Quebec elections law, Bill C-24 places a partial ban on corporate donations and a limit of $5,000 on how much individual donors can give in their efforts to gain access and influence over politicians. However, the new law turns a blind eye to so-called "trust funds" controlled by MPs or parties. These funds currently exist -- for example, a $260,000 fund managed by Liberal MP Tony Ianno -- and can be expected to multiply as more MPs learn to use them to circumvent the new law's provisions."

Read the full article at Democracy Watch. Who are Tony Ianno's secret donors? What benefits are they getting in return? Will Tony Ianno be linked to the sponsorship scandal? Inquiring minds want to know!


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