Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Does Tony Ianno hate Toronto?

Tony Ianno doesn't seem to care much for Toronto. Maybe his hatred for our mayor is why he hasn't bothered to work to represent Toronto's needs in Parliament. Or maybe he's just lazy. From eye magazine:

"Tony Ianno, who won Toronto's Trinity-Spadina riding by exactly 800 votes in the recent federal election, made clear in an interview with John Barber printed in The Globe and Mail July 1 that he's incapable of being gracious in victory. While defeated fellow Liberal Dennis Mills went out of his way to compliment his opponent after the election, the victorious Ianno heaped scorn on Olivia Chow, complaining he got tired during the campaign of hearing "how wonderful and how glorious and how awe-inspiring [Jack Layton and Chow] are, the first couple in power to reign in the halls of the House of Commons." He denied that the Green Party's 2,249 votes had anything to do with his victory and also played dumb on strategic voting. Then the possible broker of Toronto's interests turned his sights on Mayor David Miller, who enjoys something like 80 per cent support from his city and who supported Chow. "So much for 'the most famous and competent mayor Toronto has ever had.... We cleaned their clock,'" Barber reports Ianno crowing. "Is there something that maybe I've got going for me that adds some value to the equation of politics and democracy in this country?" the longime back-bencher asks. If there is, we can't for the life of us figure out what it is. "


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