Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Tony Ianno: Bottom of the barrel

This is from VoteToronto.ca. They reviewed each occasion in which Toronto MPs addressed the 37th Parliament of the House of Commons including Members' Statements, Oral Questions and Debate.

Parliamentary Participation Summary (2000)
Sessions spoken in: 4
percent of 393 sessions: 1%
Rank of 22 Toronto MPs: 22
In case you're wondering, two of the "issues" Tony Ianno finally felt strongly enough to speak out on were obituary notices for Al Waxman and David Iftody.

Compare Tony Ianno's summary to that of Dennis Mills, who was MP for Toronto-Danforth until he was ousted by NDP leader Jack Layton. Mills was not exactly a political powerhouse but even his record blew Tony Ianno out of the water:

Sessions spoken in: 43
percent of 393 sessions: 11%
Rank of 22 Toronto
MPs: 15

Why is Tony Ianno's record in Parliament so weak? Was he even there? Doesn't Trinity-Spadina deserve an MP who will speak out for us in Parliament?


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