Monday, January 16, 2006

Ianno shuts down campus polls

Elections Canada has reportedly caved to pressure from the Liberal Party and cancelled special voting stations for students at the last minute.

According to a press release from U of T's student council and the Canadian Federation of Students:
Elections Canada had officially notified the students' union, as well as candidates in the riding, that special ballot student voting would occur over three days, at seven locations in campus residences. The students' union had widely publicized these arrangements, in an effort to encourage students to participate in the Federal Election. On Saturday, January 14, at 9:45 pm, the evening before voting was set to begin, Elections Canada informed the students' union that these voting arrangements were being cancelled. No explanation was provided.
According to the Progressive Bloggers site:
This is incredible and perhaps the truest indication of how low the Team Martin will go in their quest for power. Taking a page out of the George W. Bush Florida Team’s handbook, the Liberal Party of Canada has apparently filed a legal complaint to prevent advance polling and special balloting at the St George U of T campus. Ianno’s team has confirmed that it was a Liberal Party challenge which caused the cancellation of the voting initiative effecting thousands of students. This is an important issue for the Trinity-Spadina riding because of the high rate of NDP support among students. Every student that doesn’t vote is likely a positive thing for the Ianno campaign.


At 4:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tony & crew are now claiming some 4000 voters are have no right to cast a ballot in Trinity-Spadina because they do not have a residential address in the riding. Wonder if he'll have enough scrutineers on election day to object to each "questionable" voter?

At 5:01 PM, Blogger David Simpson said...

This is down from the 10,000 he was claimng earlier.
There are problems with the voters list. Last time we had about 200 voters living in the office of the public trustee, showing up on the lists because the trustee files their income tax from that office. If someone has grabbed the voter cards from just that one address that could be 200 illegal votes.
Also, there a large number of voters residing in the Mailboxes address on College near Spadina who tried to vote at the Cecil Street Community Centre.


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